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Caila Barnett Woman Achiever Naval Officer

I’m Caila, the Founder of Woman Achiever


I am a firm believer that everyone deserves an equal and fair opportunity to realise their dreams.  When looking at the under-representation of women in senior positions across all work places, it made me wonder if women are given enough support during their careers to achieve their potential.

I remain particularly interested in Woman Achievers in male dominated workplaces.


Since university I have been in a male dominated environment.  I studied physics, where there were around 1 in 10 women in my year.  I then joined the Royal Navy, where there is a similar percentage. 


My vision is that all women, irrespective of background, circumstance and family commitments are afforded the same opportunity as men to achieve their potential. 


My Woman Achiever Woman Achiever Facebook Group is the most inspiring community of women working in male dominated environments.  Join us and become part of the Woman Achiever community – supporting each other so that we all achieve our potential. 


As part of learning from others, my blog shares inspirational stories from Woman Achievers in male dominated environments.  Each woman has a unique story to tell that will inspire you to achieve your potential without having to compromise who you are.

Contact Me 

I’d love to hear your stories about working in a male dominated environment.  The very fact that you are here makes you a Woman Achiever.  Contact me with your story as a Woman Achiever in a male dominated workplace.

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